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Jotto Consoles - A premier vehicle accessory store specializing in Police and Law Enforcement mobile computing and mobile solutions announces a new laptop desk model designed specifically for the new suv's and cars.

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Police agencies across the country are searching for quality built police consoles to make their jobs safer. The use of laptop computers in police cars is past the experimental stages. Computer technology has proven itself to be invaluable to all law enforcement that use it and is now as much a part of standard issue equipment as a set of handcuffs. The only question remaining is how to best utilize the technology available.

Standard Interceptor police consoles are utilized for radio and siren equipment as well as for laptop computers. A laptop desk allows for the police computer to be used by either driver or passenger. Having police consoles installed will not interfere with the use of the passenger seat which means that police cars which have two officers, the driver can focus on driving duty and the passenger to concentrate on operating the equipment. Running license plates on the fly and corresponding with dispatch during the course of duty becomes routine.

Proper police car consoles and laptop workstations should allow the officer to stand outside the passenger door in a tactically safe work zone, while allowing access to the onboard computer; especially true for officers who are on lone patrol. All your tactical equipment and police consoles should work with you in the manner which you conduct your duty. An officer should never have to adjust their standard way of performing their duty to accommodate their equipment.

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P71 Interceptor police consoles with a custom laptop desk component will increase department efficiency as well as reduced wear and tear on equipment. With thousands of police consoles in use already, this product has proven itself to withstand harsh stop and go driving. Additionally, police consoles act as a truly mobile office allowing for much of the standard office work to be done while on patrol. This allows better interdepartmental efficiency in that the officers on patrol can spend more time on their beat performing service for the community they serve and protect.



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Police Supply - This is a specialized search portal - only searching police supply companies, products and agencies. We recommend Pro-Desks as one of the top police car laptop mount suppliers.

Police and Law Enforcement personnel across the country have come to depend on mobile technology in their police car to make their jobs safer. The use of laptop computers in a police car is past the experimental stages. Computer technology has proven itself to be invaluable to all law enforcement officials.


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